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He is so obsessed with me

It might be real

as real as any story that claims to be true

It might be

that there is not much difference

between real and imagined


there is no difference at all

He is so obsessed with me is a personal story about a single woman around her forties. The ongoing project started in 2011. The photos are reflections of feelings and experiences. They show the pleasure and the pain, the mess and the glitter.

The work plays with the real and the imagined. The photos are originally documentary, whereas the title character, the “He”, is imaginary. The work is based on the flow of images, repetition and fragmented stories.

He is so obsessed with me exists in two versions: a Photobook (2013) and an Online Story (2017).

The main character and her daily actions form the frame for the book. The book begins intimately, showing an extremely private act.

The online work rambles around the questions of causality, chance and choice. The viewer has to interact with the narrative, arriving at crossroads where he/she has to choose which way to go.

Anything can happen.


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